The EDGE data service for the device performs similarly to the Cingular running on the same network. It has an optional post-capture review with handy shortcuts to view the image in Pictures and Videos or Windows Media Player, delete it or send it via MMS or email. Typically there are 28 megs of free RAM so the device rarely runs short on memory. Create a Guide I Have This. We’ve got you covered! The phone does a great job with games thanks to its large and responsive d-pad. The phone is powered by a Lithium Polymer Li-Pol battery.

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Should you need to turn on caps lock, press the shift key twice in quick succession.

The hw also has integrated GPSan cingular 8125 feature. When using the included earbud headset, call clarity was also cingular 8125 and volume could get downright deafening that’s what that volume slider is for.

HTC Cingular 8125 PocketPC Smartphone Windows CE Powers up

I have Cingular problems. As with other side-sliding devices, one-handed dialing is nonexistent. Wireless Cingular 8125 Is Coming. Have been through 2 returns with Cingular now and I still cant hear out of one side of the headset. Fell well short of my expectations Anonymous from Amazon 26 Cingular 8125 The lower the megahertz, the better the battery life, and the lasts considerably longer cingular 8125 a charge than many other PPC phones with faster CPUs. I found the battery life to be reasonably satisfactory, cingulqr for voice or modem use where the screen shut down.

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All Windows Mobile 5.

Review: Cingular

This score is based on our evaluation of sources including reviews from users and the web’s most trusted critics. Cingular 8125 life, compared to feature phones, cingular 8125 earn Pocket PC phone’s bragging rights. Microsoft applications, media player, Wi-Fi, handheld pc Con: Xingular plan cingulag keeping my MDA until it dies or something better comes along, but so far nothing has caught my eye. The keyboard is backlit for use in low light.

Hopefully Cingular will update the device at some point with new settings that don’t apply the proxy to every darned connection.

We tested the phone with the Plantronics Discovery headset and audio quality and range were good the doesn’t have stellar range since it’s a small headset but it did relatively well with the You can also dial using the numbers on the keyboard, but this takes more effort without reducing the time needed to dial.

He’s the head of cingular 8125 Fastest Mobile Networks project, hosts our One Cool Thing daily Web show, and writes cingular 8125 on tech and society.

He asked cingular 8125 if I got my MDA wet or dropped it in a puddle, I assume because it was raining out and I said no, which was true. I had all of the same problems with the touch screen, stylus, battery, and cingular 8125 that all of the oher reviewers had. Supports both portrait and landscape modes. No Answers 0 Score.

While not the greatest in holding a signal, the more than 8215 acquits itself, maintaining a solid connection even in less than optimal conditions.


Please help cingular 8125 spread the word. Download a free PDF copy of the Cingular user manual here. Cingular 8125 such a small part that is easily lost, I am completely at a loss as to why they wouldn’t stock these in their retail locations.

The speakerphone was fine too. I didn’t know if the battery was cingular 8125, charged or what, but I needed some data off the MDA. Truly, one of the biggest advantages of the HTC Pocket Cingular 8125 phones is the dedicated community of developers and tweakers behind it.

On the cingular 8125 you’ll find buttons to launch voice dialing and the camera along with the IR window. The last thing I wanted to do was downgrade to a cheap razr, even if it meant putting up with so cingupar daily frustration.

Thank god I won’t have to in order to get some work done. Yes, that’s 815 a cingular 8125 on Pocket PC phones which is unfathomable since every decent feature phone with Bluetooth can do it. Fabulous smartphone dkrekas from Amazon 24 Cingular 8125 I had to educate myself in the inner workings of the Windows Mobile platform, overclocking and editing registry settings, just cingular 8125 be able to use the device.