The energy use of the card is not excessively high and should be at the level of the GT M. In terms of connectivity, the Lifebook AH does not bring any great surprises. With the help of this program, battery lives for different scenarios can be determined. The AH obtained points in this test. With every new generation of notebooks, Fujitsu provides the user with a new design. With this test, the notebook is brought to its limits. The featured processor in combination with the Nvidia midrange graphics card offers sufficient performance to play games every now and then.

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As mentioned before, the keyboard slightly bends while writing. Accessories The contents of the box are somewhat different from what is normally seen with consumer notebooks. In terms of connectivity, the Lifebook AH does not bring any great surprises.

Fujitsu Lifebook A532-0M45A1DE

Due to its TDP of 35 watts, this processor is not only suitable for big notebooks, but also for small devices with a display diameter of 14 inches.

Bass is virtually non-existent. This also holds true for the new Lifebook AH This is why excellent performance is not to be expected, but on the other hand, there is no excessive amount of heat to be dissipated.

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It is a bit cumbersome to take out the battery. Additionally, one has to get used to the surface, as it is made up of relatively coarse studs.

The volume is alright and sufficient enough to watch a movie. As long as the user looks straight at the display, the viewing angles are decent, although as soon as the display is bent, the image is distorted.

At least there were fujitsy problems when navigating with the touchpad. The battery life is not extremely high; a nearby power point should always remain within reach.

Thanks to Turbo Boost, the processor rate can be raised to up to 3. The provided 80 watts power supply unit can still cope with the maximum of 84 Watts, which is the exception in practical use anyway.

This is particularly noticeable on top of the optical drive. We would have preferred a bit more space. Driven by the most up-to-date processor technology of Intel. With the help of this program, battery lives for different scenarios can be determined. Even with medium pressure, the keyboard gives in considerably, and the wrist-rests can be bent without major effort.

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Lenovo IdeaPad Z Notebook. Fujitsu Lifebook AH vs.

The noise level of the hard drive is equally unobtrusive with The color production of the Lifebook AH is not fujitau. Memory operations per second. Multimedia for a bargain.

The AH obtained points in this test. This time frame is much more relevant than the battery life in idling, as it is more relevant for practical use than the maximum battery life. Still, fujjtsu design is quite shiny – not only because of its glossy surfaces.

Warranty Fujitsu provides a one-year bring-in warranty service on the Lifebook AH The hard drive does not have any particular strengths and only scores due fukitsu its relatively high capacity.

Fujitsu A ” iM Lifebook

The hard drive is made by Toshiba. However, less demanding games can be rendered smoothly even with high quality settings. During idling, the Lifebook AH has a battery life of 4 hours and 30 minutes. Fujitsu Lifebook AH Notebook.