Some are able to get them running well, but this is the exception rather than the rule. If u ask me hondata sounds excellent, but the fmu and pump is what most 11 second cars that I built use and I will go by that. I like going fast and doing it with the least amount of money and the safest way possible. Saab Parts, Saab Spares and Accessories: Send a private message to Rob03Pro5. Basically we came to the conclusion that the fuel system on the fmax kit is plainly bad. The only way to get an even amount of fuel and most power out of every cylinder is to use the 4 injectors that u already have on the car.

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Simply select your model to the left, pick a category, locate your parts, pay via secure online payment, then sit back and relax Quote message in reply?

This is a photo of the actual car that this document is based on Welcome to SwedeSpeed You’re currently browsing Swedespeed as a guest. Send a private message to Perfmr2. If for some reason you upgraded all of your factory 4 cylinder fuel injectors to larger ones and decides that you what to injectro the boost, then you’ll need to purchase a set of new fuel injectors.

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ERL MF2 Additional Injector Controller

But, if you run your stock fuel pressure say 40 psi and this stock fuel pump, cc injectors will easily provide you fuelling for low wheel HP. Find More Posts by Perfmr2. However that will be the next question.


Lets not bring single cam motors in this. I never saw any fast cars at the track with a f-max kit. Did u ever at “fmax offcourse” ever test a stock honda pump? You control the amount of fuel those injectors dispense with the MF2, completely independent of the ECU. Everybody runs ovr 7 psi at the track, boost is too addictivie lol. Facts on MF2 Tomakit.

Thanked 23 Times in 15 Posts. Please sign up or sign in and take part in the conversation inuector other Volvo owners and. It will end up in a pool of fuel just before the throttle body.

Featured How-Tos Honda Civic: Okay, I’m pickin’ up what you’re throwin’ down. The following errors occurred with your submission. Honda computers will easily idle a cc engine injectr cc injectors. Send a private message to VaporTrail.

Facts on MF2 (extra injectors). – Honda-Tech – Honda Forum Discussion

Like Us On FBtxt: The one on the right is what came with the kit, the on on the left is a spare fifth injector Ijnector have from a old manifold. I understand that it is a form of ECU, or an addition to it, but what else? Fmax uses a setup like that in their kits, the charge pipe is tapped to accept two injectors and with the kit you get the injectors plus a preprogrammed MF2.


Quote message in reply? We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon. Facts on MF2 vudoo Mugen MF10 stickers on bronze mf10’s? injectr

To my knowledge the fmax kit does not use a name brand injector wich doesn’t guarantee that the injector will fail. Injector for MF2 set up question. By injecting atomized water into the combustion camber you can run more boost because it’ll act as an octane and it’ll also retard your timing during high boost pressure.

Quickly delivered via simple online ordering from the comfort of your home, workplace, or even when on the move using your smartphone or tablet! My question is, can i happily use the spare fifth injector in place of the beige and holder, as I can get it seated better and it looks tidier. Can you guys who have actually used it or know people who have used it give me your opinions?