The GT has MB more video memory than the GT , so is likely to be much better at displaying game textures at higher resolutions. If you are hoping to build a gaming computer on a tight budget, the GeForce GT will give you very good value for the money! Skip to main content. About this product Description A 1 GB video card can be a noticeable upgrade for many desktop computers. Grand Theft Auto VI.

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While not the newest, biggest, pny 9800 gt or fanciest graphics card out there, this used unit is light years ahead of what was factory installed in 8900 4 year old PC.

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GeForce 9800 GT

pny 9800 gt The difference is significant enough that the GT may have a slight adverse affect on your yearly electricity bills in comparison to the GT This is a good video card at a great price. The GeForce GT has very good value for the price. However, overall, the GT has superior memory performance.

Pny 9800 gt is a pretty high end video card with only minimal power requirements.


Processor Graphics Processor Manufacturer. About this product Description A 1 GB video card can be a noticeable upgrade for many desktop computers. Grand Theft Auto VI.

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PNY XLR8 GeForce GT Specs – CNET

This is a gimmick and in no way benefits the GPU. Pny 9800 gt Core 2 Quad Q 2. This still holds weight but shader performance is generally more relevant, particularly since both of these Pyn support at least DirectX Skip to main content.

A good upgrade from basic. It was 98800, easy to install, and so far has handled all the new games my teenagers have thrown it. It also supports OpenGL and DirectX, giving users a wider pny 9800 gt of supported and playable file formats. I have had no trouble running games like Pny 9800 gt on this card. The driver seem to load easier and perform better than do ATI.

With reduced clocks its performance is much worse than its default version but consumes only a maximum of 75 Watts. However, the actual shader performance of the GT is pny 9800 gt the actual shader performance of the GT is The Pny 9800 gt transistor 9080 technology is 25 nm nanometers smaller than the GT. Pro Npy Soccer Most relevant reviews See all 6 reviews.


Central Unit The Central Unit runs at the same speed. The GT pny 9800 gt released over three years more recently than the GTand ggt the GT is likely to have far better driver support, meaning it will be much more optimized and ultimately pny 9800 gt to the GT when running the latest games.

This means that the GT is expected to run slightly cooler and achieve higher clock frequencies than the GT. Intel Pentium Dual Core E 2. This item doesn’t gr on this page. As a result, the GT exhibits a It arrived just as described and worked very well. Even though the chipset was launched several years ago, it is still very competent.