Hosted by NetConnex in Telehouse , London. Then once you have changed the rules to suit your needs restore the configuration file into the router. The SpeedTouch is not a bargain basement price, but then as with many products paying a few pounds more buys something that is more robust. My broadband is unreliable What can I do if my broadband is working sporadically? In that case it will only operate at The router comes with a veritable box of goodies. The SpeedTouch has a number of ways it can be setup, either by using the supplied CD, or by simply connecting yourself to the router and using the built in web interface.

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For a totally retro feel, people can use its telnet interface. Of course if you have stuck with the defaults for the router you would type telnet It proved more stable than a lot of other kit we have seen in the last 12 months, and just seems to carry on doing what its built to do, week after week, very much like its older brother the v4. The difference between the Default and Custom settings, is that Custom allows you to select things like the IP address for the router.

The SpeedTouch itself is Wi-Fi certified so should work with almost any Speed tests gave around kbps from a 2Mbps ADSL line, and an upstream of kbps, which appeared to be fairly consistent. By transferring a MB Mega Byte file, over the link we should get a much better idea of how the various units perform.

The contents of this review should not be relied upon in making a purchasing decision – You should always discuss your requirements with your service provider and hardware supplier.


The vast majority of users will have no need to alter anything on this next screen.

Setting up a secured home network now takes a matter of minutes. The router actually has several lists of rules. Generally the Inside Port and Outside Port values will be identical. WEP encryption of the wireless communications for secure communication spwedtouch legacy Once everything is finished, the router kindly tells you, and you should be ready now to actually use the Internet connection, assuming your ADSL line is working, and the login details were correct.

Our example reflects the fact that earlier we elected to speedttouch the IP range spsedtouch The complexity of the firewall interface is a shame, and could do with some work in later firmware releases. This can either be done by reloading the configuration via the Easy Setup option, or the simpler way is via the CLI.

Thomson DSLGPLE Specifications – Thompson SpeedTouch 54Mbps Wireless ADSL Router

We actually selected the Custom Settings option, for the following set of screenshots, since it illustrates more of the options. In this example the ADSL line had only just been connected, so the line status was initializing.

The SpeedTouch seems to be a very mature and stable router. Hopefully as time goes by we will see features like this extending to wireless encryption.

When you first access the router’s web interface, you will see a screen like below.

The g comes with a quick install guide which shows how to use the network card with Windows. The Help button is ever present on the SpeedTouchand is context sensitive.

Once a station is registered, it will be allowed access. BT Broadband users then you will still need to enter a password for the wizard to continue, in which case enter anything. Latency with respect to gaming seemed perfectly normal.


Thompson SpeedTouch 580 54Mbps Wireless ADSL Router

One key component missing from the web interface of the SpeedTouch is its firewall configuration. In normal use it will get warm but not uncomfortably so.

The router, with its single attached wireless antenna Two SpeedTouch ADSL microfilters, which have an interesting design to allow them to be speedouch as either dangling filters, or full 508 in filters. This shows an enabled ADSL line with a 1Mbps connection that has been running for 4 minutes and 29 seconds.

Thomson SpeedTouch 54 Mbps 10/ Wireless G Router (THOMPSONSPEEDTOUCH) | eBay

Additionally, the SpeedTouch i has a built-in firewall that protects all PCs and Internet devices that are connected to the ADSL connection from all unauthorized access. Then select the security level you want, as shown below we have selected Level 1, which is highlighted.

If your computer’s wireless network card is already installed, then it should actually automatically see the router in its default state, and depending on the cards set-up it may well connect automatically. Once the card has been detected, the drivers will eventually request you to restart the computer and after that you should be ready to use the wireless network card.