This website uses cookies to improve your experience. While the Ikari may not be breaking any paradigms in terms of looks, SteelSeries has taken several fundamental functions of mice and drastically improved them for gaming purposes. The only things changed, except the sensor, are the color of the palm plate and the scroll wheel. The Optical is furthermore less driver dependent than the Laser in terms of configuration. Underneath we can see where the laser and sensor are mounted, as well as the very large feet and the LCD screen. In layman’s terms, the Ikari features an extremely precise sensor that yields unprecedented accuracy and speed. Right from the body to the features this mouse is completely new.

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The Buyer’s Guide

SteelSeries sponsors over 30 professional gaming teams world wide, and had plenty of user feedback for the shape of the mouse. The design feels familiar and steelseries ikari be readily comparable to most garden-variety desktop mice. Although mouse weight is often a matter preference, it’s important that a product inspires a level of confidence in its durability and lifespan, which the Ikari unfortunately steelseries ikari to do. In Age of Steelseriez 3, we were able to grab and direct specific units with satisfactory level of precision.

The only things changed, except the sensor, are the color of the palm plate and the scroll wheel. All trademarks used are properties of their respective owners. However with this function built into the mouse you will be able to take it with you wherever you go and switch multiple times steelseries ikari ease.


SteelSeries Ikari Laser Mouse Review | eTeknix

The body will flex and bend if you If you press the wheel just a tad to the right it steelseries ikari jam. The Global Dteelseries is arrived at only after curating hundreds, sometimes thousands of weighted data points such as critic and user reviews.

Looking at the mouse from the top down you can see how complex its shape is. This year SteelSeries released a line of neckband headphones read the full steelseries ikari here and an all-new line of optical and laser mice, which they aptly dubbed Steelseries ikari.

This feature allows gamers to get the finest sensitivity tuning that has ever been possible on a mouse.

Defniitely for the funny messages about your friends…but it is very limiting character wise: It has a lot of curves, bumps, and dips across the surface. Steelseries ikari about the Ikari Laser makes it the best mouse Steelseries ikari ever owned Users can select two sensitivities high, low in this way, and toggle between them with a button on the mouse.

However, to utilize the Ikari’s fully programmable functionality users must install the included software. This screen allows you to adjust it, and to know what you’ve set it to without having to load up the software every time. January 16, at The user steelseries ikari profiles can then be saved into the Ikari’s built-in memory.

The shape of the Ikari steelseries ikari of mice is very ergonomic, definitely way better than that of their Razer counterparts. The overall feel, construction and feature-set is all that you would come to expect from a gaming steelseries ikari. SteelSeries have been a manufacturer of gaming peripherals and accessories since and have recently been leading the gaming peripheral market. Here, the general shape and button layout can be seen.


Introduction SteelSeries is mostly known for its gaming grade mouse mats and headsets. Even though steelseries ikari looks a bit rough it is actually completely smooth.

SteelSeries must therefore have a steelseries ikari tricks hidden steelseries ikari their sleeve. January 16, at 2: The top finish is a comfortable hard plastic while the sides have a slightly more rubberized feel.

The Ikari buttons have a very light depression pressure and requires a light touch that heavy hitters will undoubtedly lament. One notable design flaw is the absence of any finger indentation or curvature on steelseries ikari mouse’s primary buttons. I have pretty big hands and I must say that using the Ikari sfeelseries a very comfortable experience for me, however, the Microsoft IntelliMouse Explorer 3. There are two white LEDs mounted on the left side of the mouse to indicate the current sensitivity CPI, or counts per inch setting.

To me the Ikari project seems really ambitious not only is it launched with two different tracking steelseries ikari, but the shear amount of unique features is just staggering.