Once you have the appropriate size selected, you can slide your negative tray through the scanner. The Smartfix comes with a rechargeable Lithium-ion Battery which sits inside the battery door found on the bottom of the device. You will use the slideshow option on the scanner and sift through the images on the SD card. As you push the tray through the scanner you will feel the click of the notches. When you scan a negative or slide, you can save that new image directly to the inserted SD card.

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The Smartfix is designed to be compact. The LCD display was actually quite impressive.

veho Smartfix Slide and Negative to SD Card Scanner VFS B&H

The process is pretty straightforward. On one side of the tray, there are notches that lock into place on once they are in the scanner. Notify me of new posts by email. Receive new articles daily! I vwho veho slide scanner the specs as listed on the website below.

Veho did a really veho slide scanner job of describing the product on the box. Here are the different ways you can use the scanner. We’re on Apple News.

The name of the product is also printed on the top of the box and the specs along with images of the slide accessories are printed on the sides. Pin It on Pinterest.


You will use the slideshow option on the scanner veho slide scanner sift through the images on the SD card. I remember a time when photos were captured on film and had to be developed at the store. Thankfully, Veho, an electronics scanneg based out of the UK does now offer a slide and negative scanner called Smartfix.

When you plug the scanner into a USB port, it will charge the battery. Silde branding includes black and white colors so their boxes are typically black and white with shades of gray. The Skide comes with a rechargeable Veho slide scanner Battery which sits inside the battery door found on the bottom of the device. MacSources will never spam you. During the course of my testing, I discovered that you cannot save images directly to your computer from the scanner.

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Veho Smartfix 14 Megapixel Negative Film and Slide Scanner REVIEW

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Similar to viewing images on a PC, this option will only give you the ability to see what has already been saved. The operational buttons are on the top and the ports are on the back. Veho slide scanner scanner itself has a very nice Tacton rubber touch finish to it.

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You can transfer your film veho slide scanner and slides directly to an SD card from the scanner.

You will have to manually push the tray through the scanning slot. The process is pretty easy to get through and veho slide scanner much as I appreciate all the automated tasks that the Smartfix provides, one thing I would have liked to have control over was the quality at which the scanner captures the scanned image.

The image will be saved as a JPEG. Even though the device is somewhat compact, Veho slide scanner could see it benefitting from a carrying case since there are so many parts to it.

The back of the box shows a nice photo of the device in use and veuo basic details of the scanner.